f[yo]uture is an active investor and enabler.

We take care for impactfull businesses, ideas, innovations and products which contribute to our constantly evolving principles and better understanding for sustainable but business-friendly environment.


news and fields we are interested in

wearables, sport, future of healthcare

wearables, sport, future of healthcare
The healthcare sector, in our opinion, will face a

ai, big data, robotics, it innovations

ai, big data, robotics, it innovations
May it be building automatisation, customer servic

sustainable construction, green building tech

sustainable construction, green building tech
Cement and other conventional construction materia

sustainable agriculture and future of food

sustainable agriculture and future of food
The population is growing fast worldwide. In combi

e-mobility, renewable energy, future of power grids

e-mobility, renewable energy, future of power grids
We strongly believe that mobility will change, hab


Stefan Leibhard | f[yo]uture | finance · innovation · green tech



Successful serial entrepreneur with 20+ years management experience in professional sports, sponsoring, marketing and IT with a passion for innovation.

Stefan is the founder and CEO of f[yo]uture and aims to help building up new businesses with the help of his world-wide network of extraordinary humans and experts.


After studying economics in Munich, I founded in 1997, when the monopoly of Deutsche Telekom fell, together with partners the BTD Group. Soon BTD became the leading b2b telecommunication sales agency selling leased lines, mobile phone framework contracts and other carrier products. We acquired some other companies and rapidly BTD expanded and offered their own IT services, opened data centers, a callcenter service and finally a new media agency.

Around 1999 a sponsoring deal between Viag Interkom (today O2) and FC Bayern Munich, for which some of BTD´s expertise was requested, brought us into the world of professional sports. Since then me and my team have delivered IT consultancy, 24 hour operation and project management for FC Bayern Munich in many fields. Amongst them the entire lead and operation for the IT landscape of the Allianz Arena football stadium and the official FC Bayern Munich website and e-commerce platform for over 10 years.

Based on the completely new IT service standards, which we massively helped to develop for the FIFA WorldCup 2006, and after having operated all Allianz Arena IT services since the very first day, me and my teams have worked in nearly every big international sport event including WorldCups, Olympics and Champions League finals.

Over the years we helped dozens of clubs, leagues, stadia and rightsholders to develop higher or new values out of their existing rights and facilities, especially in the field of naming rights and data- and sponsorship deals. I had the pleasure to work with the most iconic and well-known brands in the sports industry such as Juventus, FC Barcelona, UEFA, FIFA, DFB, Bundesliga, RedBull and many more. I was lucky enough to not only witness but be a part of the enormous financial potential the IT and data business brought to the world of professional sports. As a speaker I also tried to not only point out the financial value of IT but also the contribution towards the fast growing field of digital fan engagement.

In 2015 the BTD Group was acquired by Sportradar, the world´s leading sports data company. Since then I successfully integrated the former BTD teams into Sportradar and was a member of the global management team before, in early 2017, I finally decided to leave and go for something new….

After a short break I founded my company, f[yo]uture fund, which is an active investor and enabler. Together with partners I want to take care for impactful businesses, ideas, innovations and products and work together with founders and entrepreneurs. The fields I am interested in are mainly the following:

  • Wearables and the future of fitness and healthcare
  • Sustainable agriculture and the future of food supply
  • Sustainable construction and green building tech
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics and innovations
  • E-mobility, renewable energy and the future of power grids
people we like to work with....

Brains & Friends



Enterprise Development Group

Lisa Friedman, Ph.D. is a co-founder and partner in the Enterprise Development Group. She is an excellent thinker and an extraordinary person.


She works with leaders and teams globally to facilitate a shared understanding of the trends transforming their industries, to set a clear innovation strategy for the future, to install simple but powerful innovation practices and tools, and to design their organizations for the future. She is a frequent speaker on „Innovation Silicon Valley Style“ and future-driven leadership. Lisa is a co-author of The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for Turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into ActionCreating Value with CO-STAR: Perfecting and Pitching Your Brilliant Idea, and several articles and book chapters on innovation leadership. She also coordinates EDG’s Silicon Valley Innovation Immersion Programs, bringing leaders from around the world for visits combined with integration sessions to build learning into their own blueprints for the future.



Enterprise Development Group

Herman Gyr, Ph.D. works with businesses and leaders to transform potential crises into opportunities for reinvention. He is a founding partner of the Enterprise Development Group.


In projects ranging throughout the United States and Europe to Asia, South America and South Africa, Herman has specialized in working with enterprises living through periods of dramatic disruption – many of them underestimating the potential for achieving their highest aspirations during periods of change. He is co-author of The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into Action and is a frequent invited speaker and workshop leader around the world on strategic thinking and business transformation in the digital era.

Stefan Zoller, EADS Defense & Security CEO. EADS photo



Before creating MUCCONI he served as a member of the Executive Committee of EADS and in parallel as Chief Executive Office of CASSIDIAN the leading European security solution provider.


He was a member of and chaired associations and boards in the US, France and Germany.

Earlier he held management positions in the automotive and aerospace domains. During his career he experienced international markets in various environments.

He studied law and received his doctorate in 1989.

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